A week with iPad mini. An iPad to have if you travel a lot

Usually when Apple announces a product, I want to purchase it on the spot, but I didn’t experience the same feeling with the iPad mini. I really wasn’t sure about purchasing one at first. The price point of $329 and lack of Retina display wasn’t very convincing at all, but after going back and forth, I went ahead and got one. After a week with the iPad mini, I absolutely love the device. 

The iPad mini is the most beautiful and well engineered tablet in its category. That’s a fact, not an opinion. The biggest difference between the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad is a smaller size, the thinness, and much lighter weight. At just 0.68 pounds instead of 1.44 lbs, the difference is enormous. I absolutely love and prefer the weight over my third generation iPad. The device is literally featherweight. When I go back to using the old iPad, it feels incredibly bulky to hold.

The lack of Retina display on the device almost turned me away from purchasing one, but I have got used to it. Content displayed on this screen isn’t as crisp, but first time iPad users will not notice the difference. It has the same number of pixels and resolution as the iPad 2 and, in fact, is much more crisp.

The wonderful part about iPad Mini is that all 275,000+ existing iPad apps can run on this on it. Out of the box, the product supports hundreds of thousands of apps, not to mention iTunes and iCloud.

Even though the iPad mini runs an A5 chip, which is nowhere near as powerful as the fourth-generation iPad’s A6 CPU, the device is able to handle every task (movies, games, browsing the web, etc) very well. Memory-intensive games or other apps do take a second or two longer to load, but once launched, the apps run smoothly.

One thing that the iPad mini is much better at – is the use on the go. Unlike the full-sized iPad, which can take up a lot of space in a backpack, this device does not. I have found it much easier to message, read books, browse the web, and take notes outside my home with it. Lately, iPad 3 has been collecting dust on my desk.

The battery life on this device is amazing. Apple promises 10 hours of usage, but I’m able to get a day’s worth power easily, if not more. Also, the new Lighting connector charges the iPad mini extremely fast.

Similar to the iPhone 5, the iPad mini is offered in black and slate or white and silver. Both of the colors look great and it just comes down to preference. Everything else is what you are familiar by now: the UI/UX of iOS, home button, volume rocker side, headphone, and sleep/wake button on top. It is indeed a smaller iPad, but that’s what makes the experience so great.


 With other seven inch tablets available for a much cheaper price, $329  may seem pricey, but if you are looking for a great product with a polished ecosystem, the iPad mini is definitely the one. The iPad mini is going to do what the iPod mini did and that is to put it into the hands of the masses. Apple’s going to sell a lot of them and there’s no doubt about that.

Author: Parth Dhebar

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  • http://twitter.com/zabihjan Zabih

    so your site is definitely an apple ISHEEP, what is new and innovative in ipad mini and ipad 4 and iphone which has has touch screen issues plus still apps are not optimised for the screen

    i hated the article on galaxy note 2 which proved all ppl working on your site are an isheep. here is your proof by writing this article.

  • http://twitter.com/AlanOp2 Alan Op

    I am a journalist for a local newspaper, I tend to travel a lot and I have both the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini. What bugs me in particular is the lack of clear-cut notes backup. I keep a sizey amount of notes on both my iPads and most of them are not even synced to the iCloud bu to a group called “Notes on my iCloud”. Go figure!

  • abcAdf

    No surprise here. Escalted comittment of an iFan. I liked the Ipad Mini and think it has premium build quality but reading your article, i can smell the biased from 3 miles away. Of course you bought it so you tried to justified it’s the best… Won’t never visit this site again after today. What’s wrong with Google nowadays, bringing me here to this Apple-paid biased review site….

  • Parth Dhebar

    The iPad mini, “t’was” a great purchase indeed. Stellar writing, Parth! I applaud you and hope you succeed in your academic endeavors at the great academic institution known as San Jose State University. SCU was retarded to reject as great a candidate as you.