HTC One V and Desire C won’t be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

HTC has published additional details about its upcoming updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The company now has a dedicated FAQ on the matter, which you can consult if you want to find out more about its plans.

Interesting to note is the fact that devices that have 512 MB of RAM or less will not “generally” be updated to Jelly Bean. That means that phones such as the Desire C or the One V will be stuck on Android 4.0 forever.

Now the Desire C is a low-end handset, and software support for that category of Android devices has always been pretty horrible, regardless of manufacturer. But the One V is part of HTC’s One line of smartphones – sure, it may be the lowest-end of the trio, but it’s still a decent midranger in terms of specs. Furthermore, it was launched alongside the One X and One S which will both be getting updated to Android 4.1.

Obviously, the 512 MB of RAM requirement has nothing to do with Jelly Bean itself, since it runs perfectly well on the Samsung Nexus S. This, once again, is about HTC Sense. Clearly, the ‘improvements’ that HTC has made to stock Android take such a big toll on memory, that the company can’t ensure a smooth enough experience with just 512 MB of RAM. Which probably means that even in Ice Cream Sandwich, 512 MB of RAM was barely enough. Then, one could ask HTC why it decided to launch such a device at all, and not put in some additional memory before release.

The HTC One X and One S are once more confirmed to get the 4.1 update, but no official timeline is known. As for any other handsets, HTC is apparently still evaluating things. Furthermore, it’s prioritizing the devices it launched in 2012 in this evaluation. So if you have a 2011 HTC with more than 512 MB of RAM, chances are you’ll get Jelly Bean, but perhaps at the middle of next year at the pace things are moving.

In a short while, Android 4.2 will be out from Google, and HTC will probably still be evaluating which of its phones to update to Android 4.1. Who knows when they’ll start the evaluation process for the 4.2 update? Maybe devices with less than 1 GB of RAM will be left out then. They really shouldn’t wonder why they’re doing so poorly in terms of smartphone sales. And the people disappointed with the software support coming from HTC – they probably won’t ever buy another HTC device. So things could get even worse.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • suresh

    It is surely a disaster for me and also for many HTC one V owners.I will never buy a smart phones again from HTC…..

  • Rahul

    this is just sad just sad! i just got my HTC one V and nw i get to hear that i wont get the friggin jellybean update?! they knew that jellybean was soon going to be released then why the hell didnt they add some more rom to one V so that it can cope up! this is a disaster! ONE V IS MY LAST HTC PHONE! :(

  • maciek

    My HTC ONE V already got Android 4.1. It works perfectly and i love it. Thans LLoir, Cyanogenmod and XDA guys!

  • Reese

    Thats just a dumb move. This will be my last htc phone!!!

  • Milan Rizov

    Reading this article-yes. I will never buy a HTC smartphone again.Will however apply a. xda-developers release on it.

  • Tarun

    Hey….. Have you ever faced any glitched at One V on ICS? Sometimes I face problem with phone book. It crashes occasionally and sometimes shows black screen after dialing.