Sprint will sell LTE-ready Windows Phone 8 handsets next year

Although it wasn’t among the US carriers that announced their support for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 from the beginning, Sprint will offer WP8 handsets eventually. It will not happen this year, though.

According to PCMag, which received an emailed notification on the matter, the third largest US mobile operator is working with Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8 products sometime in 2013. It’s not clear which manufactures will release WP8 handsets via Sprint. Or maybe it will be just one of them – we can’t know for now. What’s clear is that Sprint’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 device(s) will feature LTE connectivity, just like most of its recent high-end and mid-end Android smartphones.

At the moment, AT&T is the only carrier that’s selling Windows Phone 8 handsets in the US, offering no less than three devices: Nokia Lumia 920 ($99.99 on contract), Nokia Lumia 820 ($49.99 on contract), and the HTC 8X ($99.99 – 8GB version, $149.99 – 16GB version).

Verizon is taking pre-orders for the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 822, and will launch the Samsung Ativ Odyssey sometime in December. T-Mobile will release the HTC 8X, too, as well as the Nokia Lumia 810 – both should be available starting tomorrow.

US Cellular has also announced that it’s supporting Windows Phone 8, but didn’t officially unveil any handset until now.

Author: Florin

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  • dsfields5@gmail.com

    It says US Cellular hasn’t unveiled any phones until now. So what is the phone they unveiled?