HTC Droid DNA to go international under the codename Deluxe, press shot leaks

There have been a couple of rumors about this recently, so here’s another one. This time it’s from @evleaks, a source that has been reliable so far. Plus, this move makes a lot of sense for ailing HTC, so we don’t see why it wouldn’t happen.

That’s right. The Droid DNA announced a few days ago for Verizon (and itself a rebadging of the J Butterfly unveiled in Japan last month) is going international.

It will be known outside of the US and Japan as the HTC Deluxe. And this makes perfect sense on yet another level: the codename under which HTC’s first phablet was developed was always rumored to be DLX. Get it? Deluxe.

A good name for the what will probably be the world’s first generally available phablet with a Full HD 1080p touchscreen (and complete with insane 440 ppi).

[UPDATE] It turns out that ‘Deluxe’ is almost certainly just the international version’s codename, as per @evleaks. ‘DLX’ and ‘Deluxe’ are too close to each other, and HTC has never used something as close to a codename in final retail products.

Unfortunately no other details have been leaked today, aside from the press render you can see above. Of course the specs should stay identical to the Droid DNA, but there’s still the question of whether there will be a non-LTE HSPA+ version as well, or just one 4G LTE-capable model.

And, additionally, it will be interesting to find out how HTC decides to price the Deluxe compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, the current king of phablets (which, however, has a lower-res screen). So stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when we know more.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Tai Ling

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