Meizu MX2 stars in first leaked live images ahead of November 27 official announcement

Meizu is getting ready to announce its latest iPhone-lookalike, the MX2. The launch will happen on November 27, and today the first images showing the upcoming smartphone have been leaked. Alongside those, we also get to see Meizu’s playful invite for its event at the end of this month – it probably looks exactly like the MX2’s packaging will, with one small caveat: there’s no phone in the box. Instead, if you were part of the Chinese media that got sent this invite, you got a transparent piece of plastic (or glass) that has the phone’s shape, and the date of the event on it. That date is also on the box itself, as you can see from the images below.

All in all a nice way for Meizu to build up interest for its next device. The MX2 should be the successor to the MX and quad-core MX that we’ve seen earlier. In case you didn’t know, Meizu has been churning out high-end Android-running iPhone-lookalikes ever since 2008. Of course these are mostly available in China, for obvious reasons. But the hardware inside has always been top notch, and the phones themselves – beautiful. Meizu has so far been the only relatively well known Android manufacturer to use Apple’s favorite aspect ratio for its screens pre-iPhone 5. The MX even has the exact same resolution as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S: 640×960.

Judging by how the upcoming Meizu MX2 looks in these hands-on pictures, that may change. The aspect ratio in this device looks more like the 16:10 that’s been so prevalent in the Android world, and not the 4:3 loved by Apple for many years. And according to some rumors, that’s exactly what will happen. The resolution may be 1280×800, and the screen size 4.4 inches diagonally. That’s more than the original MX’s 4-inch unit, but thanks to the ultra-narrow bezel (seen above) that may be just 2.2 mm thin, the MX2 may have very similar overall dimensions to its predecessor.

The Meizu MX2 will employ on-screen software-rendered Android buttons, as you can see, instead of the fixed buttons underneath the display which we’ve seen in previous iterations.

The phone will have dual speakers, which supposedly may mean great audio quality. The handset’s rear cover may be created using ceramics, for better cooling. Meizu’s skin atop of Android (called Flyme) still looks very nice, but it’s subtly different from the version seen on previous models. Hence, this may be Flyme 2.0 we’re looking at (which could be based on Android 4.1).

And that’s everything we know about the MX2 so far. But stay tuned, and we’ll bring you more details when we get them.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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