Sprint’s Black Friday deals leaked: free Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Victory, $50 Galaxy S III

One week to go until Black Friday, and the leaks keep coming in. This time, we can tell you what Sprint has been cooking for the famous yearly occasion.

Turns out the deals that the Now Network will put out aren’t anything to be overly excited about. Next Friday only, you’ll be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S III for just $50. That sounds great, except Amazon is already selling the exact same device for the exact same price. So if you want Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone, want it on Sprint, want it cheap, and want it now – just head over to Amazon to get one.

Sprint will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G for free during the entire Black Friday weekend – so from Friday, November 23, to Sunday, November 25. Again, decent-sounding, but there’s a caveat: you’ll only reach the ‘free’ price point after mailing in a $50 rebate. So free, but not entirely.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Victory 4G for Sprint is being sold by Amazon, as you read this, for $0.01. That’s also not literally free – but close enough. And you won’t have to fumble with any rebate cards or such.

Finally, the ‘free’ Galaxy Nexus is an OK deal, but do keep in mind that you’ll need to sign a two-year contract for this offer (as with all of the above, naturally). And the Galaxy Nexus is no longer a top of the line phone even today. Just imagine how outdated it will be in two years’ time.

Via Phandroid and Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • warren

    The difference with nexus and victory deal offered by sprint and and amazon is sprint will offer both phones with a upgrade for free.

  • BR

    S3 Phone is not $50 on Amazon except for new lines of service – not upgrades or adding lines.