LG Kids Pad tablet launches tomorrow, wants to teach children new things

Move over, Arnova ChildPad (by Archos)! LG wants to get in on that hot action – tablets designed and destined for children.

At least that’s our take on the new LG Kids Pad, due to go on sale in the company’s native South Korea tomorrow. If you’re over there, you’ll be able to get one for 299,000 won, which amounts to approximately $276 or €216 at today’s exchange rates. So it’s definitely more expensive than the Arnova ChildPad.

Then again, this probably isn’t an Android-powered tablet (that said, we can’t be sure since LG hasn’t pushed out actual specs). Rather, it seems to be aimed at lower ages than the ChildPad (and every other tablet on the market). For the aforementioned price, you’ll get one free cartridge that will help your kid learn English.

That’s right, the LG Kids Pad runs on cartridges of content that can be purchased separately. It also has an integrated app store of sorts, which only features apps that are deemed safe for kids. Content varies, but is centered on the idea of teaching kids stuff – from languages to science and maths.

The Kids Pad is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 7. It passed rigorous drop testing, and contains only non-toxic materials. It comes with a light sensor that automatically adjusts the tablet’s brightness, to reduce eye fatigue. The tablet also turns off by itself after a designated period of time (which can be set by the parents), thus preventing overuse.

The idea here is to learn something new while having fun in the process. The LG Kids Pad also helps children get acquainted with IT equipment in a way that isn’t detrimental to their growing up. On the contrary, this tablet will help with emotional and cognitive development.

The Kids Pad has a camera and MP3 player. And those are the only actual hardware details that LG let slip through in its press release. So we can’t tell you anything more about the innards of this device.

However, it’s pretty clear that LG’s entrance into the child-focused tablet market is entirely different from Archos’. The Kids Pad is meant for younger children, and has mostly educational purposes.

2,000 units will be available for purchase tomorrow morning (Korea time), in what seems to be a test run. We’ll have to see how successful this concept will prove to be.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Fan-a-Tech Scott

    Another blatant copy of the nabi 2 Tablet design.
    Apple vs. Samsung has nothing on all of these new kid tablets copying the industry innovator, Fuhu on the nabi Tablet design. First Rullingnet Corporation ‘s VINCI M, then Toys R Us and their Tabeo, now this one from LG.