AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 sees tremendous demand at Amazon. T-Mobile’s Lumia 810 now costs $99.99

Nokia’s Lumia 920 flagship Windows Phone 8 handset is selling well until now, pretty much in all markets where it has been released. In fact, in the US, where AT&T is its exclusive carrier, the 920 seems to be doing great.

Here is what Amazon has to say regarding the cyan and yellow versions of the Lumia 920:

“Due to tremendous demand we are currently out of stock of this item and are unsure when more will be available.”

The black and white editions can be still ordered at Amazon Wireless, but they’ll ship “in 1 to 2 weeks”, not immediately.

Anyway, let’s think about all this for a bit. Does it mean the Lumia 920 can compete with the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III sales-wise? No, not really.

Earlier this year (in April, to be exact), when Nokia launched the Lumia 900 (also an AT&T exclusive), the handset topped Amazon sales charts. In the end, according to Nokia’s Q2 2012 results, the company sold only 600,000 mobile phones in North America (that’s the total number of mobile devices, including dumb phones). Analysts estimated that less than 300,000 of those were Lumia 900s.

So this “tremendous demand” that Amazon is now reporting for the Lumia 920 might not mean much. And it could be explained this way: cautious after the underwhelming demand of the Lumia 900, Nokia simply underproduced new Lumia units.

Still, the Lumia 920 has all the chances to be more successful than the 900. But we won’t know how many units Nokia is selling until early 2013, when the company’s Q4 2012 results are going to be out.

Of course, unlike the Lumia 900, Lumia 920 really has something to differentiate it from other smartphones (apart from Windows Phone 8) – I’m talking about the 8.7MP PureView camera here. So I’d say at least a couple of millions will be sold around the world before the year’s end (and the fact that the handset will go on sale in China in December should be of great help). But that’s just my guess. Hopefully for Nokia, my guess will turn out to be right.

Another new Nokia WP8 handset, the Lumia 810, available at T-Mobile USA since November 14, has now seen a price drop to $99.99 on contract – from $149.99. This, however, is a limited time offering, as T-Mobile’s website clearly indicates. And we shouldn’t forget that Wirefly is offering the handset for $79.99 on contract. Still, it’s nice to see T-Mobile cutting the price of the 810, especially since the handset’s other US versions – Verizon’s Lumia 822 and AT&T’s Lumia 820 – cost $99.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Author: Florin

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  • pharmassist

    that’s great news for nokia. cant wait to get mine.

  • kyrifles

    920’s are available at Walmart for $49. Amazon wants $69. I’m surprised it’s showing up on the top selling phones list at Amazon.

  • bmwmc101

    Because Microsoft let it be know only 6 weeks after the 900 was released that it couldn’t be upgraded to windows 8 people decided to wait for windows 8 and the 920. So the comparison is wrong.

  • VIKAS20011


  • sjfvhbi

    Well if that’s the case, how about the Lumia 800 preorder hype in some countries in Europe?

  • Gaurav Kumar Nayak

    It is never a hype, Lumia 900 was killed as soon as Windows 8 was announced. Regarding Nokia producing less, let me tell u guys we are talking about Nokia which is still biggest manufacturer of mobile phones which include smartphone and other low and medium end devices. If apple delay its shipment then it is demand but if Nokia faces same problem then it is less production. Stop underestimating companies and praise Nokia for developing a device like Lumia 920 which challenge Apple and Android hand to hand.

  • Adrian

    The 810 is free on T-mobile today

  • Caledonian_Comment

    Got a Lumia 920 in the UK 10 days ago – it’s a great phone.

  • rahul

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