Nokia Lumia 920T for China Mobile gets extensively photographed in the wild

The Nokia Lumia 920T has been caught in the wild somewhere in China, and understandably a long photo shoot immediately ensued.

The Lumia 920T is the TD-SCDMA version of the Lumia 920 that we all know (and love?), which is tailor-made for China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier by number of customers (more than 700 million these days, but who’s counting?).

The Lumia 920T has been rumored to sport an improved graphics chip compared to the ‘vanilla’ 920, Qualcomm’s Adreno 320 (as opposed to the lower-end Adreno 225 in the international variant of the phone). The 320 is the same GPU featured alongside Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon S4 (seen in many new high-end Android devices, such as the LG Optimus G and LG Nexus 4, but missing from any Windows Phone at the moment, probably because of that platform’s lack of support for quad-core CPUs). It’s unclear whether this switch-up is real (as it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet), and if it is real – the reasons behind it aren’t known either. Suffice to say, if you’re in China and buy a Lumia 920, games could perform better on it than on its international sibling.

Aside from this change as well as supporting China Mobile’s very own, very unique flavor of 3G, the Nokia Lumia 920T should be identical in terms of innards to the Lumia 920.

In terms of looks, they’re almost identical too, of course. However, you can see a couple of China Mobile-specific logos being added, one on the top left of the front of the handset, the other on the back. These things should be expected with carrier-specific versions of phones, unfortunately.

As you can undoubtedly see, the device that stars in the photos above is a prototype. That’s why it has the badge on the front, as well as all that technical data on the back.

We’re hoping that this doesn’t mean that the Lumia 920T is still a long way from debuting in stores in China. It would be a pity for the Finnish company to miss out on the lucrative pre-Chinese New Year sales at the beginning of 2013. But there’s still a while until then, so we’re not worried yet.

The Lumia 920T passed one of the mandatory certifications in China earlier this month, let’s hope it jumps through the remaining hoops as soon as possible.

Via Sohu digital

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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