HTC goes the Apple way. Starts trying retail shops to revive its fortunes

Apple’s actual, brick-and-mortar (well, more like glass-and-steel) stores are well known for driving a lot of sales for the Cupertino company. In recent times, Microsoft has started emulating Apple’s retail experience with its own stores in the US, and now it looks like HTC is trying some of that Apple way of doing things too.

The ailing Taiwanese smartphone maker has just inaugurated its first store-within-a-store in Hamburg, Germany. The HTC ‘store’ is basically just a special HTC area inside a Saturn electronics shop. This store-in-store formula has been tried before by Samsung in the UK.

Obviously, this setup implies lower costs for HTC than opening its own actual independent retail store would, yet still should bring some brand awareness with it. After all, big as that Saturn may be, the HTC area is hard to miss. And naturally a lot of passers-by will stop and look at HTC’s latest and greatest products.

The staff is trained by HTC to answer any questions one might have, and you can obviously buy smartphones, tablets, various accessories, and even Beats headphones right there on the spot.

HTC likes the shop-in-shop idea so much, that it’s promised it will take it to more and more parts of the world. Whether or not that will help turn the company’s bad fortunes around remains to be seen, of course. But this is an interesting step that not many of HTC’s competitors have so far taken.

Via MyDrivers

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Charlie

    i love this idea !!!! now bring it to the USA !!!