Samsung i9070 Galaxy S Advance will be updated to Jelly Bean in January

Recently, Samsung has been one of the best companies in terms of updating its devices to the latest versions of Android. That’s not necessarily only been true because the Korean giant improved its support for current and older smartphones, but also because the competition is getting worse and worse at this.

One more reason for people to choose Samsung over other Android vendors? The Galaxy S Advance (model number i9070) will be updated to Android Jelly Bean in January. So says Samsung’s German arm, via a post on its Facebook page. You probably noticed that we just said ‘Jelly Bean’, and didn’t refer to a version number. While it almost certainly will be Android 4.1 delivered to the Galaxy S Advance, Samsung didn’t mention that. And since Android 4.2 is also called Jelly Bean, we can hope that that’s what will land on this device next year. But probably not. Samsung likes to update its current flagship devices first, and so far we haven’t heard anything about 4.2 making it to the Galaxy S III or the Galaxy Note II.

The update for the Galaxy S Advance will be installable via Samsung’s Kies desktop software, or over-the-air for those who don’t appreciate the inconvenience of using a computer for this purpose. Then again, OTA rollouts usually take time to trickle down to every device out there, so the Kies way may be faster for those of you who are really impatient.

No word yet on when this update might make it to other territories, but we’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Lundy

    So this will be on the sgs2? And how will we know when to update

  • kim

    These phones suck. Purchase on and dropped out of pocket and screen cracks. And company won’tt back there product. If screen breaks in one short drop then you best beware.

  • Pensent

    unless water damaged which isn’t covered by warranty, you can get a replacement handset so I don’t know which planet you’re living on.

  • alexds9

    I dropped my iPhone 4s from height of 20 inches, and it totally cracked. It sucks, but there are no unbreakable phones.