Rumor: low-end Samsung Galaxy Note coming alongside 13.3-inch tablet with keyboard dock

Samsung is working on even more mobile devices in this period, which it intends to launch at some point in the future. That’s the gist of a rumor that originates at SamMobile.

Among those upcoming products will apparently be a lower-end version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It will still have a giant screen, but the other specs will be different, focusing on low cost and not on topping every spec list comparison sheet out there.

The S Pen stylus that comes standard with the Galaxy Note II (and did with the original phablet from yesteryear as well) will not be sold with this cheaper Note. In fact, this upcoming smartphone may not be branded ‘Note’ at all, based on the lack of S Pen and also because Samsung seems intent on keeping the ‘Note’ brand high-end.

No other details about this handset are available yet. Of course, knowing that it will be low-cost allows us to speculate, so we can assume the touchscreen may not be AMOLED, and it may be lower-resolution than the HD one in the Galaxy Note II. As for everything else, let’s wait for the next leak on the matter – if this device is real, that will surely come soon enough.

Alongside the cheaper version Galaxy Note, the Korean giant is also working on a tablet. A 13.3-inch behemoth. Apparently Samsung wants it to compete head-on with Asus’ Transformer line, and as such it will come with a keyboard dock too. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if it will run Android or Windows 8 – the ‘insider’ who supposedly spread all this info didn’t say. But based on the size, this could be a Windows tablet.

There’s also this thing called Project J in development – the ‘next generation’ of Galaxy S devices. This could just be the codename for the Galaxy S IV, or it could signify that Samsung is once again working on many new Galaxy S-branded handsets.

The aforementioned ‘insider’ couldn’t confirm any of the previously leaked or rumored specs for the Galaxy S IV (5-inch full HD AMOLED touchscreen, quad-core processor, 13 MP camera, and so on). All we’re left with today is the Project J moniker, which frankly isn’t much.

Samsung is obviously working on a successor to the Galaxy S III already. Regardless of whether it will be called Galaxy S IV or something else, it will almost certainly be launched sometime next year. So do expect the rumors about this device to intensify as time passes and 2013 arrives.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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