Samsung Ativ S should be released this year after all

Although we’ve heard several times until now that the Samsung Ativ S would be delayed until early 2013, it looks like this might not be true for all markets.

According to WP Central, Samsung has sent a note saying the Ativ S – which is its first Windows Phone 8 device – is still on track for a launch before the end of 2012.

In Canada, Rogers seems to be almost ready to start selling the Ativ S, as the handset appears in promo materials (for December 8 – December 17) next to the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X.

In the UK, O2 and Three should both release the Ativ S. The handset is also going to be available SIM-free there, for about £450.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Samsung can indeed bring the WP8 device to the market this month. If not – it won’t be such a big loss for the company, as its Android smartphones (led by the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II) are selling really well anyway.

The second Windows Phone 8 handset announced by Samsung – Verizon’s Ativ Odyssey – should be also launched this month. Still, Verizon didn’t provide an exact launch date for it. But we know that the Odyssey isn’t a high-end smartphone (like the Ativ S is), and it might be offered for free on contract.

Author: Florin

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