5″ 1080p ZTE Grand S will be announced at CES on January 8

If there’s one thing that’s been painfully clear over the past few months, it’s that almost every Android smartphone maker out there has a 5-inch device in the works. And more and more are joining this club by the day.

The latest? ZTE. The Chinese company is apparently hard at work on a 5-inch Android phablet, alongside that oft-rumored 5.9-inch Windows Phone. The new Android phablet will be called ZTE Grand S, and we now know the official unveiling date: January 8.

That’s when ZTE will introduce the Grand S at CES in Las Vegas. And we know this from the official CES Event Schedule no less. The event listing speaks about a 5″ 1080p Full HD touchscreen, as well as the fact that the Grand S will be touted as the slimmest 5-inch phablet ever. Of course, what remains to be seen is how much slimmer it will be compared to its rivals, and also how much battery life was sacrificed to achieve the svelte body.

The Grand S will apparently be made using ceramics, and will feature “traditional Chinese style”, whatever that means. Oh, and it will be “perfect for the fashionable set”. So expect it to look good (at least in ZTE’s point of view). We can’t say anything about specs yet, but if this is going to be a high-end phablet, you should obviously find a quad-core processor of some sort powering it, alongside with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM (but probably 2 GB), and an 8 MP or better camera. We’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    5.9 inch screen for windows phone 8 will be welcomed.