HTC M7, successor to the One X, detailed: 4.7-inch 1080p, Sense 5, much more

HTC is once again preparing the launch of a flagship Android handset, according to a previously reliable source, among whose cutting-edge components will reportedly be several industry firsts. Known by its codename, M7, the top-of-the-line device will debut at a critical juncture for the Taiwanese manufacturer, as it looks to reverse a series of disappointing quarters.

Like the One X before it, the M7 is supposedly slated for a Mobile World Congress unveiling — and although it won’t quite match the One X’s bar-raising inclusion of a quad-core processor, the M7 will be one of the first full HD handsets in the 4.7-inch class, giving it a reported pixel density of 468PPI (over 40% higher than the iPhone 5, with which it will share optical lamination technology). What’s more, this so-called SoLux display is said to offer a number of visual improvements over the previous generation Super LCD2, boosting viewing angles, outdoor visibility, and color accuracy.

Supposedly powering the M7 is a second-generation quad-core processor from Qualcomm, clocking in at 1.7GHz per core, alongside 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal flash storage. The LTE-capable device is expected to ship running Android Jelly Bean, skinned with the latest iteration of HTC’s love-it-or-hate-it UX enhancement, Sense 5.

As a natural progression to this year’s One series —  marketed with the tagline “Amazing camera, authentic sound” — the M7 will attempt to take both image capture and audio playback to new levels. Whereas the One X/X+ features an eight-megapixel sensor and f/2.2 lens, the M7 has been tipped to sport a 13MP CCD and even larger f/2.0 lens. The improved image sensor, dubbed Cinesensor, promises both increased image quality and improved features such as super slow-mo and video HDR. Both the rear camera and two-megapixel front cam should be capable of 1080p video capture.

In terms of sound enhancements, the M7 is said to offer a dedicated, Beats-designed amplifier, as well as a feature to increase call clarity called Clear Words. Audio output should come courtesy of stereo speakers.

Besides the expected array of sensors and radios, M7 will also boast support for the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, whose theoretical throughput is three times that of 802.11n WLAN networks.

In the US, M7 is scheduled to join the lineups of at least two national carriers — Verizon and Sprint — and may be the first HTC handset since the Touch Pro 2 to find a home on the top four American operators.

Image courtesy of Wired

Author: @evleaks

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  • ced

    4.7? Why not 5 like the butterfly? Sigh when will HTC ever learn, brilliant brand but poor application of research

  • Saif

    They have Butterfly 5 inch, why do you want same phone again? A lot of people are waiting for 4.7 inch 1080p Phone.

  • Adam

    you know there is a possibility that there will be a bigger screen than 5 inches later in the year…this is a flagship phone not a phablet

  • Captain_Doug

    Um, sold.

  • Anonymous

    2300mAH battery = DOA

    no matter how efficient sense 5 is or android gets, we’ll still be looking at, at most, one day of dynamic usage. I was expecting 2500-3000. When will companies push the bar?

    my galaxy note lasts 1.5-2 days with my usage, but my one x only lasted 7-8 hours between charges. HTC could have used this chance to shove a 3000mah battery in there.. disappointing.

  • Captain_Doug

    I know I am. The DNA felt great in hand but a 4.7″ would feel so much better. My one hope is for on screen keys. HTC hasn’t tried yet but they should.

  • ced

    Well not as much as those waiting for a bigger 4.99 screen with these specs, that’s where the s4 is going to come in and record mammoth figures(not a sammy fan)

  • ced

    HTC has lost the plot on what a flagship is unfortunately.

  • bendor

    Great, a similar design to the DNA and an SD-Slot and its my new phone… when it should come to europe >_>

    The new Tegra4 on it would be nice too

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Apple

  • ReedSolomon

    that battery size is only acceptible if I can easily replace the battery.

  • ermahgerd

    give it a external sd and it’s mine.

  • pocketwhale

    Exaggerating is fun isnt it? So what you are saying is that you could get 2x more battery life on a battery that is 25% larger? Man, I cant stand illogical people like you.

    Edit: and did you see how good the DNA did on battery tests with only 2050 mah? that thing puts out some seriously impressive numbers for such a small battery.

  • milanyc

    My DNA is 2020mAh and I’m getting 15hrs easily. In my book that’s great. You shouldn’t be worried about mAh, you should pay attention to the actual Battery Life.

    Also, I’m glad that you like your Half-a-Foot phablet form factor with 3100mAh, but I’d rather take 4.7 with a battery life that gets me through the day and still have some charge through the night.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not exaggerating at all. it seems like you have not had the pleasure of using any of htc’s products. also the actual daily usage of the dna is avg at best.

  • Anonymous

    that’s fine. i came from an htc amaze and one x.. both with horrible battery life. I’m loving my 2 days between charges and the significantly larger screen, while still easily pocket-able. btw 15hrs is still below avg. nice try tho.

  • milanyc

    Glad you like it. I’d be embarrassed to answer a phone call on that half a foot windshield. But more power to ya!

  • Anonymous

    sad to see that you live your life worrying about what others think. you should not worry about stuff like that

  • milanyc

    Ya I’m losing my hair here worrying about others… Oh, and I’m also the one coming here to troll on HTC and talking about phablets.

    Nice try there, try harder…

  • Anonymous

    troll? i’m making a comparison of battery life between two phones i use and stating my findings.. ending with a suggestion for htc to use larger batteries. seems pretty logical to me, but you guys can keep wishing for smaller batteries i guess?

  • milanyc

    You guys?

  • Aus379

    Your phablet is also two inches bigger

  • GazMatic

    you can count the number of phones with more than 2000mAH battery

    what is your point…

    if you spend all day on your phone it means you dont have a life

    typical average person

    wakes up at 6, leaves for work at 7, starts work at 8, finishes by 4, reaches home by 5, tops up battery, hits the club at 7, goes home to sleep at 11, charges phone, repeat

    one really only needs 10 hrs of battery life

    if your phone cannot last that long it sucks… however… if you dont have a job and spend all your time with your face in a 4″-6″ screen then your life is pretty pathetic

    unless of course that is your job… are you an app developer by any chance? no. then… yh… sad life you live…

    life isnt all about apps and games… people work, they go to clubs, they party, they have fun…

    get off your phone and get out into the world… have some fun

  • Benmartin1974

    Id’ been pondering ordering a HTC One X for a while. I read loads of reviews and this one was very helpful , I received my delivery last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure,

  • Anonymous

    samsung just released a 3000mah official replacement battery for the galaxy s3, try again

  • Anonymous

    that’s not my point, my point is that smartphone makers should be getting to the point where we don’t need to be hunting for a charger all the time.

    what i don’t get is how everyone has this “meh its good enough” mentality. keep supporting poor battery life if you want, i’d rather push for better battery life than just accepting mediocrity.

    i love how you come up with all these justifications for using up battery life and needing to find a charger, we shouldn’t need to be doing that.

  • AverageUser

    You are right. The One X with the Tegra chipset is horrible with power usage. The Snapdragon Pro is much better. I suspect the M7 will easily make 2 days with light usage. My iPhone4 does and a much more efficient Snapdragon Pro chipset with much larger battery will as well. I’m looking forward to getting the M7.

  • AverageUser

    I’m a +1 with some others here. The size of 4.7″ phones is at the limit of fitting into a pocket. What I want is a 720p screen resolution on a 4.3″ screen with the rest of the internals the same as the M7. That would be the perfect phone to me (features + size). Nobody makes that so a 4.7″ screen will have to be it.

  • AverageUser

    Motorola will release the same spec phone but with 3000 mAh battery. That will be a viable alternative.

  • Tyler Saddington


  • Wayne Kempton

    Looks the The new HTC has a very small battery again , so we hope the phone can last more than a day without needing a recharge.

  • iroc

    Could this be the next sprint evo 4g lte +. Just need to add a sd expansion slot and add sprints new lte radios for there new frequencies 🙂

  • milanyc

    He doesn’t have to try. He stated the facts.

    On the other hand you’re trying to divert this from your half-a-foot phablet subject to SGS3 extended battery for some reason.

    Nice try though! very nice!

  • Anonymous

    He implied that my phablet is too big. I showed him where he could get the same battery life in a smaller package. Try again pointless troll.

  • prodigy

    hope it get an awesome name like “dragonfly” <3