Official 3,000 mAh Samsung extended battery for the Galaxy S III now being offered for €49.99

One thing to do if your smartphone’s battery isn’t lasting you as long as you want it to is get an extended one. You sacrifice slimness, as your device will get significantly thicker, but you add precious hours of use. A tradeoff that’s deemed fair by many.

If you do want to go the extended battery route, you basically have three options. First, eBay is filled with incredibly cheap extended batteries for almost all smartphone models imaginable. Some of those will perform adequately, some won’t, but one thing all the sellers count on is you, the buyer, not knowing that Chinese regulations on this matter are lax enough that any producer can slap any label on any battery that will say anything. So your ‘4,000 mAh’ unit you got for $5? Yeah, it’s probably a 1200 mAh battery or something like that inside.

Another option is going with a ‘trusted’ (well, at least in some circles) supplier such as Mugen Power. In this case, the differences between what’s advertised in terms of capacity and what’s really in the battery you get are a lot smaller, and sometimes not there at all. But you do have to pay a lot more than on eBay – Mugen’s extended sets usually retail for around $90-$100. That’s clearly overpricing, but for some it’s worth it if only for the comfort that they will in fact get some more use out of their phone.

Finally, and this is the most rare version, your phone’s manufacturer could issue an official extended battery itself. In this case, you have no worries about quality control (or flat out lying on the battery label), and these are usually cheaper than what the likes of Mugen ask for their wares. Win-win, right? Well, yes, but good luck finding a smartphone that has this option. Over the past couple of years, Samsung has been the best performer in the Android world, but that’s not saying much, since its competitors basically chose to ignore the extended battery sold separately possibility altogether (and some are even shipping new devices with sealed batteries nowdays).

If the Galaxy S III is your handset of choice, you’ll probably be happy to find out that an official, made by Samsung 3,000 mAh extended battery is on its way to the market for your particular device. It will offer 900 mAh more than the stock battery, and it’s listed for pre-order right now in the UK at well known accessories retailer MobileFun.

The price you need to pay for it is €49.99. Delivery pricing for the UK starts at £2.99 and goes all the way up to £9.95, depending on which option you choose.

The Samsung extended battery comes with its own battery cover, of course, as it’s going to be ‘fatter’ than the built-in battery, and it also has full support for NFC.

It’s unclear when this will start shipping. But if you want to be among the first people to get it, go and pre-order one at MobileFun right now.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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