Nokia Lumia 920T generously subsidized by China Mobile

China Mobile has officially announced the Nokia Lumia 920T on December 5, but it doesn’t have it in stock yet – it will, though, starting January 2013. Until then, the world’s largest mobile operator is taking pre-orders for the smartphone.

We’ve only known the price of the Lumia 920T without contract – 4,599 CNY ($738) – and now details on its subsidized prices have appeared.

Customers willing to sign a new 2-yr contract agreement with China Mobile for 388 CNY (about $62) per month will be able to pay just 1 yuan for the Lumia 920T. That’s pretty much free, so the Chinese carrier is quite generous in its offering.

Nokia Lumia 920T China Mobile subsidized

The regular version of the 920T, namely the Lumia 920 (which doesn’t have TD-SCDMA connectivity, and doesn’t work on China Mobile’s network) will be sold in China, too. But it doesn’t look like this will be offered by any carrier. Naturally, Nokia will also release its cheaper Windows Phone 8 handsets in China: the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620.

In the US, AT&T is selling the Lumia 920 at prices lower than what you have to pay for similar high-end smartphones: starting from $99.99 on contract.

Of course, these subsidies should help Nokia sell more Lumias. Hopefully, the company will disclose exact sales numbers next quarter.

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Author: Florin

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  • Robert Miller

    This is insanely good news for Nokia and no one seems to be picking up
    on it. The most power full smartphone with best camers, screen, mapping,
    call quality, design and build is being sold by the largest cell phone
    company in the world with total price subsidy. Wow!