Vodafone UK is planning to offer BlackBerry 10 from day one

Many people have been predicting the imminent death of RIM and its BlackBerry platform. For many months now. Yet the Canadian smartphone maker refuses to give up without a fight, and, even though it’s been bleeding market share for the past few quarters, it’s ready to make the ultimate comeback early next year.

January 30 is the big day for RIM, it’s when it will officially unveil the BlackBerry 10 operating system. This will be the biggest overhaul of the BB OS in its entire history, and it’s all going to be touch-centric and whatnot. Basically, BB 10 will be RIM’s move into the present in terms of ease of use and touch support in its OS. At least that’s the hope here.


We’ll have to see how BB 10 performs in actual, shipping devices, so we’ll reserve judgement until then.

But if you’re in the UK and are or want to become a Vodafone customer, here’s some great news for you. The operator sent us a note saying that it will be “offering BlackBerry 10 on January 30”, right when the new OS launches. Whether or not Big Red will launch one or both of the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones that RIM will announce remains a mystery. But it’s pretty clear that there will be at least one BB 10 device up for pre-order on January 30 at Vodafone.

As for pricing and release dates, those details obviously aren’t available yet. But there’s just little over one month to go from now, so we’ll know soon enough.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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