BlackBerry Z10: first BlackBerry 10 handset pictured in black, white

As the January 30th launch draws closer, more details are coming to light regarding the upcoming BlackBerry 10-powered handsets Research in Motion plans to announce. Both a Torch-like full-touch device, as well as a Bold-like QWERTY candybar are expected, and we’ve learned that the company may be planning on switching up its long-standing naming convention for the occasion.

According to the marketing material pictured below, obtained by a reliable source, RIM is jettisoning the traditional four-digit model numbers in favor of a shorter, catchier nomenclature; the full-touch device, currently known by its “L-series” designation, should come to market as the BlackBerry Z10, in both black and white.

Blackberry Z10 first press shots

Retail branding for the keyboard-equipped model is unknown, although there’s some evidence that it will be called the BlackBerry X10.

RIM’s market share has taken a beating in the last year, mostly at the hands of Android-powered phones; the success of its BlackBerry 10 handsets is seen as critical in shaping the future of the company.

Author: @evleaks

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  • TGMzero

    That white one….pretty nice.

    If only it ran Jelly Bean……

  • Saif

    BB 10 is nice & sometimes we need to use something different

  • 123

    Full HD…

  • TGMzero

    While I agree that BB10 looks nice and actually promising, I just can’t see it recapturing the world again.

    In fact, with all the time its taken RIM to get things ‘just right’, they’ve left a huge hole that WP is looking to fill. They’re in the same situation that Microsoft was in a year or more ago, playing catchup.

    This is what happens when you rest on your laurels and rely on past glories. Failure.

    Also, I just love what Google’s doing with Android since ICS. The Nexus 4 is great hardware to compliment JB. RIMs hardware has always been good.

  • jj

    copy from N9

  • henri

    jj are you blind or something?

  • Gary Head

    I love my Blackberry.. I hate the plastic crap.

  • yvyg

    I think he/she meant the swipe gesture inspired UI…

  • BerryJerry63

    a good copy, one for me if so good as my N9.