T-Mobile now offers Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One S, HTC 8X, and many others for free with contract

In case you haven’t done your holiday phone shopping just yet, and were hoping for some last minute great offers, here’s something for you. T-Mobile is offering an incredibly large number of devices for absolutely nothing upfront. That’s right – free. Of course, you’ll need to sign a two-year contract with the magenta carrier to take advantage of this offer, so keep that in mind.

If, however, you have nothing against giving the next two years of your life away to TMo, you can grab a Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One S, HTC 8X, LG Optimus L9, Nokia Lumia 810, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, BlackBerry Bold 9900 4G, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, Samsung Gravity Smart, Samsung Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile myTouch Q, T-Mobile myTouch, BlackBerry Curve 9360, T-Mobile Prism, the Samsung t139 feature phone, or the T-Mobile 4G mobile hotspot – for free. Additionally, refurbished T-Mobile myTouch 4G, HTC Wildifre S, T-Mobile G2, and Nokia X2 units are available, online only, for the same excellent price. Also online only, you can find the HTC Radar 4G, Samsung Gravity TXT (feature phone), and Nokia Lumia 710, again all with nothing to pay upfront.

T-Mobile 0 down promo

That’s quite a list, isn’t it? The offer is valid until the end of this year. It got the go-ahead in stores today, or you can take advantage of it online by going here at T-Mobile.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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