QWERTY-equipped ZTE F555 Wombat passes through the FCC in feature phone style on its way to T-Mobile

On the first day of the new year, let’s take a break from the myriad of smartphone-related news items popping up everywhere across the blogosphere, and focus on something that will surely be completely extinct in a few years: a feature phone.

Until these will only be found in museums though, they’re still selling pretty well. That’s especially true in the so-called ‘emerging markets’ where the price of a phone is often its most important feature, but some people in more developed markets such as the US still haven’t made the plunge into the smartphone space – nor do they wish to do that any time soon.

For them, then, is the ZTE F555 Wombat tailor made. It was spotted by Phone Scoop getting approved at the FCC. It should launch pretty soon, since the market for non-smartphones is shrinking by the minute in the US.

ZTE F555 Wombat

Because it has the all-important AWS (1700 MHz) band supported, the Wombat will make it to T-Mobile at some point. It has a 2 MP camera, a full physical QWERTY keyboard as you can see, and Bluetooth support is in there as well.

And that’s about it – all we know about the ZTE F555 Wombat right now. Seeing as how it isn’t a smartphone, it should be free with a two-year contract if T-Mobile wants to sell it in any reasonable numbers.

This device should be appealing to those who like to text a lot, but for some reason hate browsing the Internet on their phone. Or using any apps – that sort of thing.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Tanya

    phone of the year candidate most definitely! Can’t wait to get this over the Galaxy S4/ HTC M7 and IPhone 6