Sony Xperia Z pricing gets leaked

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been finding out new bits and pieces about the upcoming Sony Xperia Z (previously codenamed Yuga) almost every day. So much so, that we now have a pretty good idea of what its specs will be as well as what it looks like. However, until today we haven’t received any indication of pricing.

In Thailand, the Xperia Z is set to cost 19,990 baht. That means $659 or €500 going by today’s exchange rates. So nothing surprising, really. A high-end flagship smartphone will be priced like a high-end flagship smartphone. What this proves is that you shouldn’t expect Sony to score very well in the price/features ratio – that’s still the territory of some Chinese phone makers.

Sony Xperia Z price

Do keep in mind the fact that this is pricing for just one country. The exact amount you’ll have to pay for the Xperia Z may be very different, depending on your country’s taxes, and even on Sony’s global pricing strategy. One source told Technology Blogs Simplified that the ‘international’ (whatever that could mean) price for the Xperia Z will be closer to $750.

The Thai pricing is now public thanks to a leaked ad that made its way to SonyXP. The Xperia Z will be officially announced next week at CES in Las Vegas, so we’ll know whether this was spot on or not pretty soon.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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