BlackBerry Z10 for Verizon and AT&T leaked

The BlackBerry Z10 isn’t exactly a mystery, as we’ve spotted images of it several times before. However, we haven’t seen it with mobile carrier branding on it – until now.

Business Insider has managed to obtain photos of a Verizon-branded BlackBerry Z10, which stands next to Apple’s iPhone 4S, and another Z10 (this is unbranded, but it is said to be made for AT&T). The RIM smartphone is significantly larger than the iPhone, as it accommodates a display that measures more than 4 inches.

According to Business Insider’s sources, the build quality of the Z10 is “really nice”, the display is “great”, and the browser (which supports Flash) is very quick. The new BlackBerry OS 10 allows you to set-up separate profiles (for personal and work use), while the new BlackBerry AppWorld “looks a lot like” Google Play.

RIM BlackBerry Z10 Verizon ATT

Another new RIM smartphone, possibly called BlackBerry X10, should join the Z10 in the company’s BB 10 line-up, coming with a full QWERTY keyboard. Both the Z10 and X10 are expected to make their official debut on January 30, when Verizon and AT&T are likely going to reveal launch and pricing details.

Earlier today, RIM announced one if its last smartphones that don’t run BlackBerry OS 10 (but OS 7.1): the entry-level Curve 9315 for T-Mobile USA. This will be released on January 23.

Author: Florin

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