Microsoft Surface Pro release date may be January 26. Or January 29. Or January 30

Of the two tablet models it announced back in June, so far Microsoft has only been selling the Surface RT. That’s all fine and dandy, but in case you want to run some actual Windows apps on your Microsoft tablet, you have to get the Surface Pro. Which isn’t available yet.

However, that’s set to change at some point later this month. After all, Microsoft did promise to start shipping Surface Pro tablets in about 90 days after the RT models. And those were released on October 26. So January 26 would be the deadline, right?


Turns out that may be exactly when the Surface Pro arrives in Microsoft stores in the US. CNET got in touch with one such brick and mortar establishment and a salesperson confirmed the January 26 date for the Surface Pro’s release.

On the other hand, Softpedia got word from “a source close to the Redmond campus” that the big date will in fact be January 29. That would break Microsoft’s self-imposed deadline, but by only three days, so it’s okay, right? But wait. You may only be able to actually purchase a Surface Pro on January 30, because this source claims the 29th is when the new tablet will get “unveiled”. But that’s already happened in June, hasn’t it?

Who knows. The point to remember is that Microsoft will probably release the new Surface Pro before the end of this month.

And that will be the true test to Microsoft’s tablet strategy, because the Surface RT has so far managed to be completely unimpressive, sales-wise. Yet the Pro version running ‘full’ Windows may be a big hit in the corporate world.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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