HTC Butterfly and 8X sales are strong, but limited component supplies may cause problems

Taiwanese industry sources are reporting that two of HTC’s latest high-end smartphones – the 8X (which runs Windows Phone 8) and the Butterfly (which runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) – are selling very well.

According to DigiTimes, sales of the HTC 8X “have been extremely strong in the US”. We told you this might be the case, after HTC reported its revenues for November 2012. As for the Butterfly, it looks like this is one of the hottest-selling smartphones in Japan, Taiwan, and China. There aren’t any details about sales of its US version, namely the Droid DNA (exclusively available at Verizon).

Unfortunately for those of us who like numbers, it’s not clear exactly how many units of the 8X and Butterfly have been sold. In any case, DigiTimes’s sources indicate that HTC’s growing sales could be stopped by tight component supplies – including ITO films, voice coil motors, and others

It’s said that the Butterfly (pictured below) is already “in short supply in Japan and Taiwan”, but HTC is working to secure additional supply orders.

HTC-Butterfly-Android-Jelly-Bean sales

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese company is getting ready to unveil a brand new high-end Android smartphone, which is currently codenamed HTC M7. This could be announced next week at CES 2013, becoming HTC’s second 1080p handset – after the Butterfly / Droid DNA, of course.

Author: Florin

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