Windows Phone 8 officially coming soon to Sprint

As everyone knows, at the moment Sprint is the only major US mobile carrier that doesn’t have Windows Phone 8 devices in its portfolio. But it’s been rumored that Sprint would launch WP8 products in 2013, and now the carrier has officially confirmed this.

Sprint is stating, on its official website, that “Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!” Unfortunately, that’s all we know at the moment – so there are absolutely no details on what WP8 handsets the third largest US carrier would sell, and neither on their manufacturer(s).

Maybe Sprint will announce something at CES 2013 – which debuts tomorrow, January 8. We’ll certainly let you know if that happens.

Sprint-Windows-Phone-8-launch soon

Verizon, and T-Mobile are all offering two Windows Phone 8 devices each. The HTC 8X is available via both carriers, while the Nokia Lumia 822 can be bought at Verizon, and the Lumia 810 at T-Mobile. AT&T is selling three WP8 handsets – in addition to the HTC 8X and the Lumia 820, it’s also offering the Nokia Lumia 920 flagship, which is the world’s only Windows-powered smartphone to feature a PureView rear camera.

Nokia is already working on new high-end Windows Phone 8 devices for this year, one of them being codenamed Nokia  Catwalk, and supposedly sporting an aluminum-made body. Maybe Sprint wants to carry this one. We’ll see.

Via TheVerge

Author: Florin

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