BlackBerry Z10 retail materials leak, BBM video calling confirmed in video

At the end of this month, RIM will finally officially introduce BlackBerry 10, the operating system it’s been working on for many months now – the one that will finally make full-touchscreen BlackBerry devices not feel outdated in any way.

As we get closer to that event, more and more leaks are starting to show up depicting the first devices that RIM will unveil running the new OS, as well as the software itself.

Today’s leak is a mixture of both. We get to see the BlackBerry Z10, the first full-touchscreen slab to run BlackBerry OS 10. And in two colors, no less.

BlackBerry-10-browser BlackBerry-Balance

But there are also some aspects of BB OS 10 that we can take a peak at thanks to the retail materials that have made their way to RapidBerry. For example, the ‘BlackBerry Balance’ feature that aims to separate your work stuff from your private stuff on your smartphone. The images were pulled from RIM’s latest public version of the developer alpha of its upcoming OS.

There’s also a video coming from the same source that confirms the fact that video calling is coming to BBM. To watch the video, head over to RapidBerry here.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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