Google LG Nexus 4 starts running Android 4.2.2 in Brazil and Malaysia

The Google Nexus 4 has apparently started showing up running Android 4.2.2 in Brazil and Malaysia. So far Google hasn’t officially announced this obviously minor software update for its current flagship smartphone, but if these reports are true, expect that to happen real soon.

If it were up to us, Android 4.2.2 would be mainly a bug-fixing release, which would fix all the nagging issues still unfortunately present in the 4.2.1 version. Nothing major is left (thankfully, 4.2.1 brought back the month of December in the People app), but that doesn’t mean minor bugs aren’t annoying to deal with. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a small feature addition in there too, but don’t get your hopes up.


The devices running Android 4.2.2 are apparently produced in an LG factory in Brazil, and starting today they’re loaded up with this new version of the mobile operating system. The first batch will consist of 1,000 units, which should be making their way to Brazilian carriers later this month.

Over in Malaysia, one website got a review Nexus 4 unit that turned out to be a little bit special – in that it’s also running Android 4.2.2. The presence of “dev-keys” at the end of the build number may signify that this was a developer device before being handed over for review, and perhaps the original (or previous) owner forgot to turn it into a ‘consumer’ one beforehand. If that’s the case, then it’s clear that Google has been working on 4.2.2 for a while now.


Which, of course, makes perfect sense. As mentioned above, there still are bugs to fix in Android 4.2, so it’s natural that Google would be working on that.

So even if the images above turn out to be fake, we’re pretty sure that Android 4.2.2 is on its way.

Via Adrenaline and Lowyat

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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