Samsung Omnia W’s Windows Phone 7.8 update to include Wi-Fi tethering

We already told you that Samsung’s Omnia W i8350 would get Windows Phone 7.8 this year, alongside Samsung’s other WP 7.5 handsets.

Now we are hearing that the update for the Omnia W will bring Wi-Fi tethering capabilities to the handset, besides the new features included in the 7.8 version of the OS. According to WindowsPhone Italy, Samsung Italy has confirmed this, although for now it can’t say exactly when the update will be available. It should happen before the end of the quarter anyway.

Samsung-Omnia-W-Windows-Phone-78-update Wi-Fi tethering

Although it hasn’t been specifically mentioned, the WP 7.8 update for Samsung’s second WP 7.5 Omnia (namely the Omnia M S7530) will likely include Wi-Fi tethering, too. The same should be true for AT&T’s Samsung Windows Phones: Focus Flash i677, Focus S i937, and Focus 2 i667.

As mentioned many times before, no Windows Phone 7.x device will be updated to Windows Phone 8. So Windows Phone 7.8 is the best they’ll ever get.

Until now, Samsung announced only two Windows Phone 8 handsets: the Ativ S (already available in various markets around the world) and the Ativ Odyssey (which will arrive exclusively at Verizon Wireless in the coming weeks). The third WP8 Samsung handset could be announced pretty soon by Sprint.

Via WM Power User

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