Windows RT easy jailbreak tool released, allows you to sideload apps

One major thing that differentiates the ARM-based Windows RT (which powers the already available Surface tablet from Microsoft, for example) from the ‘normal’ x86-based Windows 8 is the former’s inability to run any app that isn’t downloaded from Microsoft’s store. In plainer words – no sideloading. This ability has always been a staple of the desktop world, but Microsoft decided that RT tablets should act more like Apple mobile devices, and not other Windows products.

So, understandably, the dev community got to work and a few days ago a way to ‘jailbreak’ Windows RT was found. Of course someone then took those steps and managed to neatly package them in a ‘one-tap’ solution: the Windows RT Jaibreak Tool.

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

All the necessary instructions can be found in this thread over at XDA-Developers, but everything is incredibly easy. One caveat does exist, though: this is, for the moment, a tethered jailbreak. That means you’ll have to re-apply it after every reboot of your RT device.

You should also keep in mind that this won’t magically enable you to install any Windows app ever written. Yes, you’ll be able to sideload anything you want, but only ARM apps will actually work. The different architecture means that x86-only titles will never work on Windows RT, regardless of jailbreaking.

So if you’re wondering just what kinds of apps you’ll be able to use after jailbreaking, there’s a handy list of software ported to the ARM platform hovering in this thread.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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