40 million Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones sold worldwide

Back in November 2012, Samsung announced us that it sold 30 million Galaxy S III handsets around the world. Now, two months later, the company unveiled that the number of units sold has reached 40 million units – seven months after the initial launch of the device (May 2012). At this rate, there are about 190,000 Galaxy S IIIs sold each day.

Overall, the South Korean company sold over 100 million Galaxy S smartphones until now (apparently not including the S III Mini). The original Galaxy S i9000 (released in 2010) has reached sales of more than 20 million units. The Galaxy S II, available since April 2011, has managed to match the performance of the S III – 40 million units shipped – in 20 months.

Samsung Galaxy S series 100 milllion units sold

It will be interesting to see how many iPhones Apple has sold in the last quarter. In any case, it’s clear that the Galaxy S family is the most successful series of Android handsets ever, and the S III is the fastest-selling Android smartphone. Things will not stop here, as Samsung is getting ready to launch the new Galaxy S4 sometime later this year.

I don’t think there will be any other Android handset this year to truly rival the supremacy of the Galaxy S. But we’ll see what happens, right?

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Author: Florin

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