Apple rumored to have cut iPhone 5 component orders in half. Weak demand to blame

Apple is rumored to have cut orders for certain iPhone 5 components such as displays almost in half. Apparently, demand for the company’s latest smartphone has been weaker than expected, which is what led to this move.

Apple has ordered roughly half as many iPhone 5 screens for the first quarter of this year than what it initially planned. Components other than screens have been affected as well, naturally. Apple’s suppliers were made aware of the cuts last month.

iPhone 5

This information reportedly comes from “people familiar with the situation” who spoke to WSJ.

Apple boasted sales of over 5 million units in the first weekend of iPhone 5 availability, but hasn’t said anything else about how well its latest mobile offering has been doing ever since. That may mean that after an initial spike in sales caused by the device’s newness, it didn’t break any other sales records.

We’ll know for sure what the situation was in the fourth quarter of last year when Apple presents its earnings later this month. So stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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