Samsung’s 4.99-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display confirmed, will be ready this quarter

Not to be outdone by the competition, Samsung is working on a 4.99-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen. What’s more, in keeping with its recent tradition, the Korean company is going to produce a Super AMOLED panel with these specs (and 440 PPI pixel density).

This screen has been rumored for quite a while, but now it’s effectively been confirmed as real. That’s because AnandTech got a glimpse at the image you can see below while going through Samsung’s stuff at CES. That’s a Samsung slide showing what the future in terms of AMOLED displays looks like for the Korean company.

Samsung 4.99 inch Super AMOLED Full HD 1080p touchscreen

Samsung’s newest-generation AMOLEDs (the 4.99″ panel included) all come with 25% power savings compared to their predecessors thanks to a new material, and there’s also a new ‘low power mode’ that can take those savings up to 47%.

The almost-five-incher has long been rumored to be included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV, which will probably be announced in the next few months. At one point we did hear word of possible delays in the manufacturing of this panel, but right now the company seems confident that it will be able to make enough of them by the end of this quarter (so before March 31). That could bode well for an April unveiling of the next Galaxy S, but of course Samsung may choose to schedule that later. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But the point is this: Samsung fans – don’t worry, your favorite company won’t let its competitors have all the 5″ 1080p phones. As has been the case in recent years, Samsung isn’t hurrying the announcement of its next flagship. That has worked out very well (in terms of sales) so far, so why do it any different this time, right?


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • blur

    So if this is correct, a 1080p, 5.55″ screen Note III is out of the picture(in that case the ppi number would be 396).