HTC M7: first image of the 2013 flagship

Thanks to a trusted source with access to an early version of its firmware, we’ve finally been given a first look at the HTC M7, a flagship device meant to reverse the fortunes of the slumping Taiwanese manufacturer. The render is apparently part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on first-time SIM card installation. However, the lack of branding and other details (distinct screen borders, for instance) suggest that this is not the exact design HTC is expected to debut at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


With a “smallish” 4.7-inch, full HD display and 1.7GHz, quad-core processor, M7 is being painted as every bit the premium smartphone circa 2013. New information pegs a release for only a few weeks after its trade show debut, at an unlocked price just north of $600. North American consumers, take note, as this device will very likely end up at a carrier near you — and probably more than just one.

Final, interesting tidbit: HTC has reportedly brought back the left-for-dead IR port, placed it near the power button atop the M7, and given it learning capabilities. Phones that work as high-end universal remotes right out of the box? That’s just the kind of thinking HTC needs to recapture lost market share.

Author: @evleaks

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  • Janek

    You fool 🙂

  • chak

    Not a Lumia killer:)

  • Randomguy

    .Pretty sure that Apple will slap lawsuit on that..

    Personally prefer Lumia top lines design, but that´s matter of opinion

  • gaygor

    its iphone 6! =)

  • Kokusho

    they have an agreement.

  • Meilow

    I tweaked the picture a little bit:

  • John

    what is lumia?

  • Triple One S man

    That’s really ugly. I hope the design will change before the MWC :/

  • Justin

    for technology patents, yes. design though, never

  • John S. Wilson

    Seriously, how does this not look like an iPhone 5 with different speaker grilles? Ridiculous.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That’s the Front of the Device.

  • Dustin Lehman

    I think a better strategy would be to release the flagship phone on EVERY carrier like Samsung did with the S3 and Apple does with the iPhone. Variants are a pain and harder to advertise and can cause confusion in the marketplace. I think the same phone on every carrier strategy works well, especially did for the GS3

  • Dustin Lehman

    I think this design is the result of that Apple/HTC agreement to license each others patents for the next 10 years, if so, HTC pulled out all the stops, absolutely gorgeous. I’ll have mine in black please!

  • bluevoodo

    It would be awesome sauce if when held horizontally those grills were stereo speakers, great design either way HTC didnt disappoint.

  • Ian Jessiman

    If its 5 inch I’m sold,it looks awsome.

  • Abdullah B

    S4 pro or snapdragon 600? And what do you lot reckon? A better camera than the Xperia z? I hope it’s 5″. Iv got the one x at the moment. Tempted to move on to Sony after 3 HTC handsets

  • Yup

    is your daddy

  • bendor

    hoped they copy the design of the butterfly :/

  • pdexter

    Actually they have license agreements on couple of Nokia’s essential patents on GSM and WiFI where Nokia dominates.

    But just at the moment Nokia and HTC are fighting in Europe and Asia in court for patents that Nokia also has licensing with all of the big manufacturers. So they are just fighting on how much HTC needs to again pay to Nokia.

  • (anon)

    lumia= flop. Out of all the big OEMs releasing their flagships this year, only Nokia die hards (realistically only 4 million of them worldwide) will be buying Nokia and be truly excited by them whilst the rest of the world yawns away in boredom. Sorry bro, but anything from Apple or the other top android vendors (even Blackberry) bitch slap that out of date sagging wrinkled up has been lady putting on too much make up to stay relevant and to compete with the younger stars is falling on deaf ears. Don’t kid yourself, Nokia is the past and yesterday’s news and will be dead and bought by MS circa 2015. Just watching Nokia try and mix with the current generation is cringeworthy at best.

  • Odi
  • Matthew Merrick

    i have a feeling its pretty much going to BE the butterfly/DNA.

  • eeteet

    Lumia 920 is greatest smartphone at the moment and Nokia is most innovative company. No doubt.

  • exxodium

    If you believe this ISN’T a shopped iPhone 5, then I have a bridge to sell you.

  • (anon)

    Yeah….like from 6-10 years ago maybe and in your wildest dreams. From what I’ve heard, the Lumia 920 successor isn’t a huge departure from the 920, same design and pretty much a very minor upgrade, NOTHING to get excited about. If the 920 is that good, why does nokia feel the need to release a successor with minor improvements?

  • Blake Mitchell

    Their agreements were on patents not on trade dress. It’s not the same thing.

  • Tsais

    It doesn’t look like an HTC phone