Verizon’s Samsung SCH-I425 Godiva smiles for the camera

Wondering what the upcoming Samsung SCH-i425 for Verizon actually looks like? Just take a look at the images below.

The i425, codenamed Godiva, first caught our attention a few days ago when it was spotted in some online benchmark results. Spotted, as in we found out about its existence. No pictures though. Until today.


Those capacitive buttons under the screen sure look a lot like those found on the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II for Verizon. Which kind of makes sense. Many in the blogosphere have pegged the Godiva as the successor to that handset, because of the model number involved. See, the Stratosphere II is SCH-i415. So that sort of makes sense. The only thing is – the Godiva doesn’t come with what has so far been the trademark feature of the Stratospheres – a full physical side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Which makes us consider the possibility that this device may get sold alongside the Stratosphere II.

Or not. We’ll see in a short while. Seeing as how the leaks are intensifying on this matter, it might not be long before Verizon announces it.

Leaked specs include a 720p screen, NFC support, and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean running the show.

One thing is clear: QWERTY keyboards in Android smartphones are soon going to be history.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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