LG Optimus G reaches 1 million sold milestone

LG today is boasting that its Optimus G flagship smartphone has reached 1 million sales worldwide. That does sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Let’s not forget that Samsung’s current top of the line device, the Galaxy S III, has already broken 40 million sales across the world. Granted, it had a few months more on the market compared to the Optimus G. But the Samsung Galaxy Note II already passed 5 million units sold, and that’s arguably a much more niche offering than the Optimus G. And it was released around the same time as LG’s device.

So while this might be a big achievement for LG, it really kind of pales in comparison to the company’s biggest competitor, both on the home market as well as elsewhere.


Granted, the LG Optimus G hasn’t been available in as many countries and territories as Samsung’s top smartphones, so that may have negatively impacted this number. With a further rollout in some places scheduled for the first quarter of this year, perhaps the Optimus G can pick up some sales.

Then again, the Optimus G Pro is about to be announced, and the non-Pro version will no longer be LG’s flagship offering. So things might get a bit complicated. Though maybe LG will cut the price of the non-Pro G a bit, and make it into an attractive upper-midrange handset, in which case it could complement the G Pro in the company’s portfolio pretty well. We’ll have to wait and see.

Via Yonhap

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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