Many conflicting HTC M7 pictures purportedly leaked, including live images

With Mobile World Congress a little over a month away, the leaks are starting to pour in. Remember the HTC M7? We showed you the first renders of this upcoming device a few days ago. But HTC’s next flagship smartphone just won’t stop leaking. And over the weekend a bunch of different images claiming to accurately portray the M7 have showed up. So let’s see what we have, shall we?

First off, the image below this paragraph. This apparently depicts the HTC M7 ‘turned on’, and it’s exactly the design that we had in the first press render from last week. It’s just much more obvious where the screen ends and where the bezels start, since the display is actually showing something.

HTC M7 l1

This image originated at this Twitter account and promptly got picked up by SmartDroid. This could of course be just our leaked image with the screen ‘turned on’ in Photoshop, and the back made using some pretty well known HTC design traits. So don’t take it for granted.

Especially seeing as how the image below this paragraph got leaked too. This one comes from this Twitter account, and PocketNow heard from Polish site Czujnym Okiem that it’s pretty close to reality. But not actually an image originating in any way at HTC. It’s a fan made rendering. However, people who claim to have access to an actual picture showing the M7’s front fascia confirm that it looks almost identical to this.

HTC M7 l2

The back, on the other hand, isn’t accurately depicted. The fan who made the image took HTC’s recent Windows Phones as examples for the back plate, and the Taiwanese phone maker supposedly didn’t do that in real life.

If you were wondering why the placement of the Android buttons seems off, well, it’s because HTC is planning on changing the way it orders them. There’s no information right now as to why it would be moving the Home button to the far right.

Finally for today, we have what are claimed to be live images showing the HTC M7 in operation. These do seem quite legit, especially if we believe the story that the previous image showed a front that is quite close to the actual HTC M7, while the back was off.

HTC M7 l3

HTC M7 l4

As you can see, the live images do show striking resemblance to the front of those renders, while the back of the phone seems to borrow heavily from Verizon’s Droid DNA. All while indeed being different from what you could see above.

With these live images also came some supposed screenshots showing HTC Sense 5.0, the next version of that company’s beloved Android UI overlay. Nothing too spectacular if you ask us, but do head over to Android Police and check them out if you want to.

So it seems like the HTC M7 will be a Samsung Galaxy S II lookalike coming with positively huge bezels for this day and age. Those aside, it does appear that HTC’s settlement with Apple is starting to pay off in terms of what designs the Taiwanese company can now use for its phones without fear of retaliation via lawsuit. If this isn’t a classic ‘rectangle with rounded corners’, nothing is.

Hopefully you’ve kept your standard issue grain of salt beside you while you read all this. Keep it there, for we expect the M7 to leak more and more before its probable MWC unveiling.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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