RIM might sell its hardware manufacturing business if BlackBerry 10 isn’t successful

RIM knows that its future depends entirely on whether the new BlackBerry OS 10 will be successful. The Canadian company will finally announce its new, built-from-the-ground-up mobile operating system on January 30, which is also when it will unveil the first devices to run BB10. These have been leaked countless times so far, and will probably be one full-touch handset and one keeping the ‘traditional’ BlackBerry form factor – a candybar with a QWERTY keyboard below the screen.

In case its BB10 OS and new devices won’t be successful enough to pull the company out of the bad waters it’s been in for years now, RIM has a plan B. And a plan C, apparently.


It may even resort to outright selling its hardware-making business, focusing on building the OS and undoubtedly getting a very helpful sum of money in return too.

The other option that’s on the table for RIM is licensing its OS out to competitors in the hardware space. Of course, these two ‘plans’ could even go well together. After all, those hardware competitors won’t be quite-so-much competitors if RIM has its devices made by someone else anyway.

“The main thing for now is to successfully introduce Blackberry 10. Then we’ll see” is what RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins was quoted as saying. So, obviously, nothing’s decided just yet. But it definitely looks like the Canadian company isn’t keeping its head in the sand, and is thinking outside the box for possible solutions to its current situation.

Via Die Welt Via Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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