Motorola X details: announcement in May, release in July on all carriers and Google Play Store

The supposedly upcoming Motorola X superphone is in the news once again. We first heard about this device in December, when all the details that got out were that Google and Moto were working on it, and that it would be high-end.

Now though, some more information may have transpired. It comes from a certain forum that doesn’t want to be named via Droid Life. Apparently the forum thread detailing everything you’re about to read is gone now, but the source is someone who has long been giving up Motorola-related stuff to the public. So presumably this should be credible. As for why the thread was deleted – think maybe Google or Motorola didn’t like it that these things got leaked.


Without further ado then, here’s what you can expect from the Motorola X.

It will be announced during Google’s annual I/O conference that’s taking place on May 15-17. The current target for release is July 8. The X phone will be on all four major carriers in the US, which is probably a first for Motorola and it’s definitely so for Google. On Verizon, the Moto X will be sold for $299 with the standard two-year contract. Expect unlocked versions to make their way to the Google Play Store, which so far has only been offering Nexus devices. That said, this won’t be a Nexus. It will come with stock-ish Android along with some bloatware, which, however, will be removable. The pricing in the Play Store should be rather reasonable. Interestingly, it looks like you’ll be able to unlock the phone’s bootloader even if you buy it from Verizon. However, this will cost you in the form of an added $15 per month on your bill. Obviously, devices bought from the Play Store will come with an unlocked bootloader. An unlocked bootloader will allow you to remove the aforementioned bloatware too.

That’s about it. This being an unconfirmed rumor at this point, do understand that it might be accurate, semi-accurate, or completely off the mark. Of course, if the Motorola X will be announced in May, as we get closer to that month we expect to find out much more about this device through leaks, so stay tuned.

From a strategic standpoint, releasing a high-end superphone with excellent distribution in the US makes perfect sense for Motorola. After Google’s purchase of the company, it’s announced that it would focus on releasing a smaller number of devices per year, but those would stand out from the competition. If Google wants to have Motorola back on track, such a move would be a great first step.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Bout ufckin time Moto! Can’t wait to see pics. Guess I’ll hold onto my RAZR Maxx & skip the Maxx HD.