Samsung Galaxy S III Mini with NFC gets priced in Finland

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is due to receive an NFC-enabled version before the end of this month. We’ve told you this just yesterday, when the new variant got officially official in the UK. However, back then no information was available about how much this new S III Mini would end up costing.

And while we still don’t know that for the UK, we’ve got a pretty good idea about how things are over in Finland. There the NFC-capable version of the Galaxy S III Mini can be ordered for €349 from retailer Gigantti (the website is currently offline). The vanilla, non-NFC S III Mini goes for exactly €299 at the same company, so this means you’re effectively paying a rather whopping €50 for the NFC functionality alone. That’s a pretty steep markup for one new feature – literally, as the rest of the device remains unchanged. Oh, and the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini sans NFC isn’t the cheapest phone in its class either.


What all this means is that you should expect to see a similar price difference between the two versions of the S III Mini in the UK at the end of this month. So you have to ask yourself – is NFC really worth that much?

Via e’s Phoneblog Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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