New Nokia EOS Windows Phone 8 handset with PureView camera headed to AT&T?

While it certainly can’t be compared, sales-wise, to Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be a successful smartphone. That’s thanks in no small part to its rear camera that uses Nokia’s exclusive PureView technology – which first debuted on the Symbian-based PureView 808 handset.

Earlier this month, we told you that one of the next-generation high-end Lumia smartphones was codenamed Nokia Catlwak. Now The Verge reports about a different Lumia, codenamed Nokia EOS. Apparently, this will be a “true PureView Windows Phone”, featuring a camera similar to the 41MP one found on the Nokia 808.

The Nokia EOS should be Nokia’s flagship smartphone for 2013, and AT&T is going to sell it in the US. As for the Nokia Catwalk, this will be a direct successor to the Lumia 920 (which, as you probably know, is already offered by AT&T). Both new Windows Phone 8 devices should have cases made of aluminum, instead of polycarbonate.

Nokia-Lumia-920 successor

The Verge also reports about a new mid-range Lumia that could be launched in early summer. Furthermore, it’s said that Nokia would introduce a Windows RT tablet “in early 2013” – so we should expect an official announcement any day now.

In Q4 2012, Nokia sold about 4.4 million Lumia Windows Phone handsets – including models that run WP 7.x.

Author: Florin

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  • Flavio

    Tablet is postponed and possibly cancelled. It wouldn’t be price-competitive with other competitive devices, which also struggle to sell (Surface, VivoTab RT, …).