Nokia Lumia 510 on its way to the UK, may be sold by Phones 4U

The Nokia Lumia 510 was announced back in October as the Finnish company’s cheapest Windows Phone so far. It was supposed to make its way to India and China first, with no word on other countries which might get it after that.

However, seeing as how this is a low-end offering, it would have made sense for Nokia to focus its release just on the so-called ‘emerging markets’.

But that’s not what Nokia is doing. In fact, the Lumia 510 will be available in the UK pretty soon. The device was spotted briefly at well known retailer Phones 4U, on its ‘Coming soon’ page to be precise (see the image below).



The Nokia Lumia 510 was removed from that page in the meantime, but Nokia officially confirmed to Omio that it would launch this handset in the UK (after initially saying the exact opposite thing). Perhaps Phones 4U was just too quick and jumped the gun in revealing it would carry the phone. Or maybe it was a mistake and the Lumia 510 isn’t going to be found in Phones 4U locations.

We can’t be sure at the moment, but we’ll let you know when we find out more. Either way, we expect the Lumia 510 to be extremely cheap, so it may be a decent device for someone who’s not used to smartphones.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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