White HTC Butterfly will be released in China tomorrow, received 400,000 pre-orders in one day

You might have heard about the HTC Butterfly as the international version of Verizon’s Droid DNA. Or the sibling of the HTC J Butterfly for Japan, which was the first phone announced with a 5-inch 1080p Full HD screen.

The Butterfly may not be officially coming to Europe, but it has been on sale in China for about a month in black and red. If neither of those colors fits your tastes, you may be pretty happy to find out that the white Butterfly will go on sale in China tomorrow. At 10:08, to be precise.

HTC Butterfly white China

Pre-orders have started a couple of days ago, and in around 24 hours more than 400,000 were received. Clearly, the Chinese like their white smartphones. The pricing for the white version is identical to that of the black and red ones: 4,799 yuan, which amounts to approximately $772 or €579. That’s definitely not cheap, and it looks pretty extreme considering we’d gotten used to more affordable high-end superphones in the mainland. But those are local brands, and HTC clearly feels the need to ask for a premium for its device.

Compared to the Droid DNA, the Chinese Butterfly has a waterproof screen, no LTE support, and no wireless charging built-in. It also manages to be more expensive than the DNA, even purchased without a contract from Verizon.

HTC is planning on bundling a special Bluetooth remote with the Butterfly in China. This will be called HTC Mini and will allow you to make phone calls, send text messages, capture photos, play music – all remotely. It can also make your Butterfly ring in case you misplaced it.

HTC Mini Bluetooth remote

This sounds like a completely pointless gimmick, to be honest, but maybe the Chinese will love it, who knows?

Via M.I.C. Gadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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