All Windows Phone 8 users in the US, Canada and UK can now get Nokia’s Drive+ Beta

Until yesterday, Nokia’s Drive + application was exclusively reserved to the company’s line of Lumia handsets. Well, not anymore. If you live in the US, Canada, or the UK, you can now use Drive+ on your Windows Phone 8 device even if it’s not manufactured by Nokia.

Assuming you’re not familiar with Nokia Drive+, this has lots of features, including: turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, offline support for 89 countries, 3D and 2D landmarks, route settings, local speed limit information with audible speed limit warnings, automatic Day / Night mode, the ability to pin your favorite destinations to the Start screen, and so on.

Nokia Drive+ is free, and can be downloaded here at Windows Phone Store (it’s not compatible with WP 7.x devices, in case you were wondering). Keep in mind that the app is still in beta, so you might find a few bugs, or small compatibility issues. That aside, if you have a Windows Phone handset that’s not made by Nokia, and aren’t happy with Bing Maps, you’re probably going to like Drive+ (especially since Bing Maps doesn’t offer voice guided navigation).

Nokia Drive Beta all WP8

Microsoft didn’t say when (or if) Nokia Drive+ will be made available to non Lumia users in other countries.

Via Windows Phone Blog

Author: Florin

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