Microsoft and Qualcomm working on Windows Phone 8 reference design for cheap handsets

We already have affordable Windows Phone 8 devices – the Nokia Lumia 620 and the Huawei Ascend W1 – but it looks like Microsoft wants to push things further, and introduce even cheaper handsets.

According to Taiwanese website DigiTimes, Microsoft, Qualcomm and other chipset suppliers are collaborating to develop a Windows Phone 8 reference design that’s going to be used for entry-level and midrange devices (targeted at emerging markets, including, of course, China). These new entry-level WP8 handsets could be launched starting the second half of 2013.

Taiwan-based MediaTek (known for manufacturing inexpensive chipsets) might also join Microsoft’s efforts. MediaTek has already introduced cheap quad-core chipsets, but these have been designed for Android. The company is also experienced in making platforms for dual SIM handsets, so, who knows, maybe the future will bring us dual SIM WP8 devices.

 Microsoft Windows Phone 8 rd

Nokia’s Lumia 620 costs around $300, while Huawei’s Ascend W1 is priced at about $260. With the new WP8 reference design, Microsoft might want to go lower than $200. That would definitely allow it to compete with all the low-cost Android handsets that are flooding the market. Of course, it remains to be seen if we’re actually going to have sub-$200 Windows Phone 8 devices. We’ll let you know when new details about this arrive.

Author: Florin

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  • Guest

    A $200 WP will definitely smoke cheap crap Android at the same price in terms of performance. If you want a fast Android, you need to shell $500 and more.

  • havasu46

    China Wireless CoolPad sets the low market at $100 for a smart phone.

  • (anon)

    But it’s still windows and it’s still s**t.

  • (anon)

    Also, played with a Lumia 820 today, laggiest piece of crap ever made, Just die already Nokia

  • opteron opteron

    Nokia Asha 308 & 309 cost less than $100 and use S40 OS. I doubt WP8 will ever reach that level. Nokia sold 3.5million during the release quarter, then 6.5million and in Q4 they sold 9.5million and Chinese Android OEMs are complaining in India that S40 is eating their lunch!!! I