Nokia Laser coming to Verizon soon with similar specs to the Lumia 920

If you’ve been desperately waiting for a high-end Nokia smartphone running Windows Phone 8 to make it to Verizon, you may not have to wait much longer it seems.

That’s because a new report says that Verizon is going to launch just that sometime before the end of this year. It will supposedly be a variant of the Lumia 920 (pictured below) tailor-made for Big Red, borrowing most of the specs from AT&T’s currently selling device. Alongside this we should also see a ‘Catwalk’ Nokia – meaning one with the company’s upcoming aluminium design (doing away with the polycarbonate supposedly).

Nokia Lumia 920

Verizon will apparently treat its Lumia 920 like a flagship device, meaning it will be heavily marketed along with other top of the line products from other manufacturers. That will be a bit odd unless this phone, codenamed Laser for now, doesn’t launch pretty soon. Or if it gets to the market in a few months from now without any updated specs compared to the 920. After all, that will be quite old in mobile world time by then.

Naturally, the marketing efforts around the Nokia Laser will get a boost from Microsoft, which seems to have an endless supply of cash to throw away on such things.

Obviously if Nokia wants to turn things around in the US it needs more, better devices on more carriers so this move can’t be bad. Let’s just hope that the ‘high-end’ Laser won’t turn out to be a midrange offering by the time it launches.

Via The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Smell Dawg

    True, but… Verizon has normally launched high-end phones 6-8 months behind competitors.