128 GB iPad 4 could be on the way

Apple may be looking to expand its 10-inch tablet lineup with a model coming with a whopping 128 GB of storage. At least that’s what some signs and some leaked information seem to point to. Right now, the biggest capacity iPad 4 comes with 64 GB of storage.

The jump would definitely satisfy those who like to carry dozens of gigs of stuff around on their iPads, and this would be the first time a tablet – any tablet – would come with such a huge storage capacity.

iPad 4

A source at a ‘high-profile US retailer’ sent 9to5Mac the screengrab you can see below, which purports to be a listing of new iPad SKUs which are due in soon. P101 and P103 are the names Apple assigns its 4th gen iPads with either Wi-Fi-only support or 4G data added too, respectively. Apple is currently using “good”, “better”, and “best” to describe the storage capacities in already available iPad 4 SKUs – so “ultimate” would certainly ‘fit’ as an 128 GB mode from this perspective.

iPad 4 128 GB SKUs

Furthermore, the aforementioned source also got word of the pricing for the new device: $799 Wi-Fi-only, and $929 for the one with 4G data. That once again almost ensures that this is a higher-capacity model. It’s exactly $100 more expensive (in both variations) than the 64 GB iPad 4, which itself is $100 more expensive than the 32 GB unit. As you may know, Apple really loves charging $100 for each storage bump.

All these things considered, remember one thing: this rumor didn’t come with the ‘certainty’ (as far as rumors go) that there will be a 128 GB new iPad. But the pricing and the SKUs do point that way, and not in a small manner.

As for the iPad Mini, there’s no news that it would get such a humongous capacity version. At least not yet. We’ll keep you posted though.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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