Sony Xperia Z may be released on February 9

If you like the Sony Xperia Z and what you need to know right this instant is when exactly you’ll be able to purchase one, here’s something for you. The big date you need to put in your calendar may in fact be February 9. At least in Japan.

Working Xperia Z demo units are starting to arrive in stores in Japan, and that can only mean one thing of course: the release is near. The February 9 date was shared with TalkAndroid, and it seems like that’s what Sony has set for its home market. Of course, things may change, and small (or big) delays can always happen in the mobile world, so nothing’s certain until we hear an official announcement.


So far, Sony has only committed to having the Xperia Z in stores by the end of March. However, a couple of weeks ago we got word that it might start selling in Europe in February – and this latest rumor certainly adds credence to that idea. We might see a Japan-first release early next month, followed by a global rollout until the end of March, with Europe slated somewhere in the middle.

No pricing information has leaked out of Japan just yet, so we’ll have to go by what we know so far from elsewhere when we tell you not to expect this thing to be cheap. At all.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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