White BlackBerry Z10 gets extensively photographed two days before official unveiling

This coming Wednesday is BlackBerry 10 day. In a couple of days, RIM will finally show the world what it’s been working on for the past few months – its new mobile operating system, as well as its first devices to be running it.

One of those smartphones that we’ll surely see on January 30 is the BlackBerry Z10. This has gotten leaked many times so far, and it will be the first full-touch BB10 model. It will come in both black and white, but unfortunately the previous leaks showing it mostly focused on the black hue.

Until today, that is. If you’ve been wondering what exactly the white Z10 will look like, then feast your eyes upon the photos below.

BlackBerry Z10 white 3 BlackBerry Z10 white 2 BlackBerry Z10 white 1

These images, along with some others, come from Gadget Helpline, a site which received them from a tipster. As you can see, there’s a downside if you’re a white lover: the front isn’t entirely white. It’s actually more black than white. The back though may make up for that – or not. It all depends on how much black you’re willing to tolerate on your otherwise white handset.

Of course the hardware will be identical to what you’ll find on the black model. The Z10 could arrive in stores (at least in Canada) as soon as February 5 if the latest rumor on the matter proves to have been correct. So if you’re anxiously waiting to get your paws on this device, you won’t have to do that much longer.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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