128 GB iPad 4 now official, will be out on February 5 starting at $799

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Just one day after rumors about a supposed 128 GB version of the full-size iPad started making the rounds, Apple decided to make the thing official.

That’s right, starting on February 5 (which, by the way, is next Tuesday) you’ll be able to purchase an iPad 4 with double the storage space in the currently selling highest capacity version.

However, you will pay for that. As Apple has always done, the markup when jumping up a step in storage is $100 in this case too. So the 128 GB iPad will set you back $799 if you want the Wi-Fi-only model, or a whopping $929 if you opt for the Wi-Fi + 4G SKU.

iPad 4

Twice the capacity means you’ll be able to hold twice the stuff on this iPad’s storage compared to the 64 GB variant. Granted, the 128 GB iPad will be a niche device for the foreseeable future because of its price, but we’re sure that for some this will prove to be a godsend. Especially those working with audio or video and editing stuff a lot should appreciate it, alongside people who have truly gigantic music or video collections already and desperately wanted to listen to them or view them on an iPad.

Aside from the increase in storage capacity, everything about this iPad will naturally be identical to the already selling 16, 32, and 64 GB units. It’s not a new device, it’s the same iPad 4 after all.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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